About our project

This project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is creating a community memory of the impact of the First World War on Lancaster. The project is a three way partnership between Lancaster Military Heritage Group, Lancaster University’s Department of History and Lancaster University’s School of Computing and Communications.

The 1911 census records Lancaster as having 41,000 inhabitants, 1,055 of these would be killed in the First World War. Who were these people? What impact did their loss have on the town? What was it like for the men who went to war and survived? What was the impact of the War on people at home?

To answer these questions we  draw heavily on material from the Lancaster War Memorials website created by Lancaster Military Heritage Group. This provides us with information about the men who were killed. We also want the stories and artefacts of those who lived through the War where they still remain within the town. We will be holding a number of events where we hope people will bring us their stories, letters, diaries, medals and so on that survive from that time.

If you have any information on Lancaster or its inhabitants in the First World War then email us at: greatwar@lancaster.ac.uk

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