You might have seen other folksoc members and Ducky wearing branded clothing and would like some yourself.  Items can be ordered from ImageOn who have our logo digitized. You need to tell them you want the Lancaster Uni Folk Society logo embroidered on the left chest, a name under it (optional, choice of capitals or capitalised), and the garment/ colour/ size.

We can have the logo in 1 colour (white to stand out or black to blend in depending on the colour of your garment) or with a coloured duck. Examples are below.


The items we’ve ordered as a group are listed here with sizes (in inches). Obviously if you’re ordering yourself there is a whole catalogue to choose from if you want something different. It’s also possible to take in an item of your own and just get it embroidered.

  • Hoodie item code TH001
    • XS=36, S=38, M=40, L=42-44, XL=46, XXL=48-50
  • Polo shirt item code PUI10
    • XS=34-36, S=36-38, M=38-40, L=41-42, XL=43-44, XXL=45-47, XXXL=47-49, XXXXL=49-51
  • Mens t-shirt item code TU002
    • XS=32-34, S=36-38, M=38-40, L=41-42, XL=43-44, XXL=45-47, XXXL=47-49, XXXXL=49-51
  • Womens t-shirt item code TW012 or TW02T
    • XS=28-30, S=31-32, M=34-35, L=36-37, XL=38-39, XXL=40-42

The colours we used are ones which were available in all these items. They are:

  • purple
  • burgundy/ used raspberry
  • red
  • royal blue
  • navy
  • fuchsia
  • bottle green
  • black
Item £ with logo £ with name
Hoodie 20.58 21.78
Polo 13.69 14.89
Mens t-shirt 11.42 12.61
Womens t-shirt 11.42 12.62

The cost for embroidering your own item with the logo and your name is £7.20
(The name is £1 + VAT)