Exec roles

According to the constitution these are the responsibilities of exec positions. However, we’re flexible and switch tasks to suit people.


  • Be the primary representative of the Society to the Union, the University and to external bodies and attend the Societies Council and other relevant meetings.
  • Co-ordinate and oversee the activities of both the Executive and the Society as a whole.
  • Act as chair to all Society meetings.


  • Be responsible for administration of all matters relating to memberships and subscriptions and liaising appropriately with the Treasurer.
  • Be responsible for all Society correspondence and administration.
  • Take minutes at meetings and circulate agendas and minutes of such meetings to the membership.
  • Be responsible for Society emails and forwarding any relevant information to the other exec members.
  • Informing the membership of other appropriate information as and when necessary.
  • Be responsible for the ordering and maintenance of all Society equipment.
  • Act as Returning Officer at all elections and ensure their smooth running.


  • Maintain good order of the Society Finances and ensure that the Union Financial Regulations are adhered to.
  • Maintain an up to date account of all financial transactions.
  • Advise the Executive and membership on expenditure of the budget, ensuring that the society holds enough funds in reserve to cover the costs of hosting one ceilidh in a year with an external band, should the society need to attract new members.
  • Prepare a statement of revenue and expenditure, prior to Lent term, to be presented at the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

Safety Officer

  • Oversee the safety aspects of all Society activities and ensure that the LUSU Safety Framework and the Society’s Safety Code of Practise is adhered to, and give specific responsibility for this area to a designated member of the Executive Committee.

Band Leader

  • Organise both the preparation of music and running of band rehearsals.
  • Liaise with the committee to ensure that a sufficient repertoire is built up to perform for a public ceilidh (minimum an hour and a half).

Rapper Leader

  • Oversee the rapper team meetings, including organising teaching and being responsible for the two sets of swords.
  • Liaise with the committee to ensure that a sufficient routine is built up to perform for at least one public event.

Social Secretary

  • Organise and publicise a wide range of social events and activities for all members.
  • Ensure all publicity complies with the LUSU regulations.
  • Ensure that the safety aspects of such activities are satisfactorily addressed.
  • Maintain good order at all social/activities.

Publicity Officer

  • Be responsible for the publicity of events held by the Society.
  • Take control of the Society website and keep it updated.