January 13, 2017

Alex Vierod

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PhD: Ecological Tipping Points in Mangrove Ecosystems

School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography
Bangor University

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I am a marine biologist turned physical oceanographer with an interest in spatial ecology, data driven and numerical modelling, and remote sensing. In 2015 I graduated from a Masters by Research hosted by Bangor University in partnership with Natural Resources Wales. My project involved an in depth investigation of the effect of coastal biogenic reefs on nearshore waves, with a particular focus on how these effects interact with sediment transport processes. The project gave me an acute awareness of the issues facing coastal ecosystems under climate change, and the motivation to continue studying the biophysics of coastal ecosystems.

Research Project:

I am now undertaking a PhD as part of the ENVISION doctoral training partnership. My project is focused on the study of biophysical interactions in mangrove ecosystems, with a primary objective of collecting the information necessary to effectively numerically model the interaction of mangrove vegetation with local hydrodynamics, and sediment transport processes. Further work will be undertaken to develop the equipment, code, and methodologies required to rapidly survey and parametrise mangrove areas, with the intention of connecting this data with the increasingly high quality information available from satellite remote sensing platforms so that at risk areas can be mapped, and future management action can be targeted efficiently. It is hoped that this information will provide insight and understanding of the processes that determine mangrove ecosystem persistence, and can be effectively incorporated into restoration and management strategies for these vulnerable and important ecosystems in the future.