Monthly Archives: January 2017

Chris Chandler

Chris Chandler 400 x 400 px

PhD: Spatial and temporal patterns of liana success in Malaysia Sir Clive Granger Building University of Nottingham Email Chris Chandler at Nottingham Twitter I am interested in the dynamics of carbon and biodiversity in tropical forests and how the ecology of these ecosystems may change in response to global environmental change. In 2013 I completed […]

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Charlotte Briddon

Charlotte Briddon 400 x 400 px

PhD: Assessing the impacts of aquaculture in the Philippines using palaeolimnology Sir Clive Granger Building University of Nottingham Email Charlotte Briddon at University of Nottingham Twitter I completed my undergraduate degree in Geology at The University of Southampton and have recently finished a Master’s degree in Geoscience Research at Keele University. For the latter I […]

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Briony Jones

Briony Jones 400 x 400 px

PhD: Whole genome metagenomics to determine land use effects on soil ecosystem services CEH Wallingford Email Briony Jones at Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Linkedin Profile I completed a BSc in Biomedical Sciences at Brunel University before going on to undertake a Master’s degree in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics from the University of York. I […]

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Beth Clark (nee Francis)

Beth Francis 400 x 400 px

PhD: Biological signals of the Island Mass Effect) Room: Nautilus 327 Westbury Mount School of Ocean Sciences Bangor University Menai Bridge LL59 5AB Email Beth Clark at Bangor Linkedin Profile ResearchGate Profile Twitter I began my academic journey at The University of Warwick, where I studied for a BSc in Biological Sciences. I absolutely loved […]

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Adaptation of microorganisms to stresses in diverse environments

Adaption of Microorganisms 400 x 400 px

Environmental change and perturbation due to human activities can have devastating impacts on microbial activities like biogeochemical cycling that are essential to the earth’s ecosystem functions. Microbial adaptations to stresses have been described in the laboratory, but it is not well understood how these relate to the natural environment. In particular, we have limited knowledge […]

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