Media summary: July 2013

Over the past fortnight, my research into trolling has been picked up and discussed by a variety of national broadsheets both in print and online, including the Times, Telegraph (twice), and Independent (twice), as well as other papers such as the Daily Mail. I was also commissioned by the Guardian to write a comment piece which was subsequently featured on the Guardian‘s homepage, chosen as Comment of the Week, and discussed in a further interview in the Guardian Tech Weekly Podcast. Within a short time, reports on my research spread around the globe to Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, India, Ireland, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Vietnam, reaching an overall estimated audience of approximately 10 million people.

(To briefly summarise the previous two years, I have been hired as a consultant for, and interviewed by a number of television programmes, including BBC Panorama‘s Hunting the Internet Bullies, BBC3’s The Antisocial Network, and BBC1’s Look West and Look North. My work has also been covered by TIME magazine and BBC News and I have been interviewed by numerous national and international radio stations such as Radio New Zealand, BBC London, BBC Sussex, BBC Lancashire, and Rock FM.)