Developing a Digital Fluency Framework

Questions that have been asked of the digital fluency team include:

  • What digital skills are needed to work or study at Lancaster?
  • What digital capabilities are employers looking for?
  • How do we define ‘digital fluency’?

In order to help people to think about what digital skills they might need, whether it’s for study, for work, to progress in a particular career, or within their community or social activities, we have adapted Jisc’s digital capabilities framework to come up with a Digital Fluency Framework for Lancaster:

How will this help?

We’re starting to use the framework to identify and develop digital skills courses for students. Some of these will be available online, some will be short information sessions, and many will provide credit to go towards the careers element of the Lancaster Award. We’re also in the process of developing a digital skills certificate, where students will be able to select courses from across each element of the framework, making selections based on their current interests, or developing skills applicable to their academic programme.

In the longer term we hope the framework will also help staff to think about areas where they would like to further develop their digital capabilities, and to help with the development of appropriate training opportunities.

Ideas are continually being developed so if you want to work with us, or have any comments or suggestions please do feed them back to us (contact Rachel Fligelstone in the first instance).