Digital Services – A Common Interface

The Digital Services initiative commits us to: “Work towards providing our services through a common interface whereby staff and students do not need to understand our organisational structure”

The staff intranet was built to meet a need identified by the Vice-Chancellor to have a tool for internal communications across university staff.  The resulting collaboration between Communications and Marketing and ISS has delivered the staff intranet which was launched earlier this year.

The staff intranet combines a home page which delivers on the Vice Chancellor’s desire for a twenty-first century communications tool for the university with pages that meet the need of a broad group of staff stakeholders.  We engaged with those stakeholders through multiple means: various in-person events, questionnaires, and emails inviting responses.  We showed them mock-ups and early versions and worked to respond to their feedback.

The resultant staff intranet acts as a nexus for information pertinent to staff as well as the online services that staff use on a frequent basis:

  • Room Bookings
  • Travel Requests
  • Purchase Requests
  • Expenses
  • Timetable
  • Library

There are also links to separate staff services like the new CoreHR system, MyAccount for managing IT accounts and many other services.

Perhaps most importantly, there is an integrated search facility allowing staff to simultaneously search the intranet, the university web site, staff directory, library, events and staff noticeboard.  We can adjust the search results to ensure that the most relevant and up-to-date results are presented first.

So as staff use the intranet more we can tailor it to deliver the search results, representing access to the services that are most important to them.  We are very proud of the new level of collaboration that was at the heart of this project, but this continued collaboration through the use of the intranet itself will help ensure that it remains relevant and useful to all of us.

The student portal and iLancaster are key tools for students to access university services, and we are eager now to deliver the same kind of news, events and notifications services to students that the intranet delivers to staff.

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