Supporting Study Abroad

Zak Varty – Masters Student, Department of Maths & Statistics

The chance to study abroad is one that many students would jump at, whether it is exciting locations in the Southern Hemisphere or prestigious universities in North America it is an opportunity not to be missed.  To make the most of their time abroad it is important that students are prepared and know what to expect.

The Mathematics and Statistics department has a Study Abroad tutor, who interested students can go to talk to about the more formal aspects of the process. But what if you wanted to hear first-hand from those who had already experienced it? Or wanted to know about social opportunities? Or needed some of this information while you were already abroad? Can we use technology to collate this information and make it quickly and easily accessible?

That is something Zak, who studied at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, would have liked to have had and something he is hoping to address.  He is planning to produce a dedicated Moodle page for study abroad students in his department to get all the information on what to expect and all the support they need when they are out at a partner university.

By developing the Moodle page and including contacts, videos and experiences from current and past study abroad students Zak hopes to encourage more students to take the leap and make the most of their experiences.  This will mean mastering new skills, from design of the page to video editing and much in between.

This project is now complete. See the full Supporting Study Abroad case study.

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