Social Media to Develop Employability

Jed Winstanley – Biological Sciences

Sharing data in science to validate studies is critical to success; so it’s really important to get students engaged in sharing information early on in their career. The idea being that when students finish University they already have the digital skills and the confidence they need to share information appropriately and securely.

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In this project, Jed Winstanley is working with his academics, Christine Shirras and Rod Dillon, to set up a student editorial board and social media site where Biomedical and Life Sciences students can contribute to forum posts, write articles and share experiences.

The Social Media site will be designed for first year students to use – to provide them with valuable information that they will need for their second year of study and to give them the opportunity to develop their research and digital skills in sharing and publicising information.  Jed has found technology to be a huge impact during his time at University and understands how a social media site can help develop skills, not just for completing the course, but for future employability.

During this project, Jed will need to gather information from students to discover the best medium for the social media site, develop the site and provide supportive input into the Editorial board during the first term in use.  The ultimate success of this project is for it to continue in the long term, being run by the students, for the students. This means Jed may face some challenges along the way – how will he get people to contribute regularly? how can he encourage first year students to take ownership of the project after he finishes?

This project is exciting for Jed – he’s looking forward to presenting his project at the sharing practice day as it will give him the opportunity to develop his presentation skills. Jed is also proud to be involved in establishing something that will hopefully continue to develop the employability of students in the years to come.

This project is now complete – see the Case Study: Social Media to Develop Employability

Project Updates

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Project Update: Finding out about Students’ Social Media Habits (July 2016)

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