Cefn Hoile
– PhD Student, School of Computing & Communications

In September 2014 something new appeared on many school curriculum in the UK, coding.  This is part of a major sea change in the way ICT is taught in the UK, with the Government aim for raising the knowledge of coding and more complex computing skills across the student population.

This is something that Cefn has been at the coalface of for a number of years, having worked with schools on using Arduino kits to teach students to create small electrical items he was frustrated by the cost and need for the items created to be broken down again to re-use the kits.  As a solution he and the others involved reverse engineered the Arduino kits to identify the core components and set about creating a low cost alternative aimed at being accessible and adaptable for teaching.

The project has now developed, partly with thanks to the online community, and has been recognised for its work with Heysham High School at the Lancaster Guardian Education Awards in 2015.  Cefn is now hoping to extend this even further with the development of a series of workshops tailored to fit into normal class slots and capable of being taken on by all teachers.

The project will include extending the normal build process to include an open design aspect, with pupils designing and building a classroom clock unique to them and that interacts with their timetable.  For Cefn this is very much a leap into the unknown and an opportunity for him to identify ways of working with a build process that strays from the normal constraints of established designs.  He hopes to be able to capture the processes and in turn develop more tools and designs that can be used to introduce more students into computer hardware design, build and coding.

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Project Update: May 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this project did not complete.


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