Sharing Practice

  1. Sharing Practice

A number of the Student Digital Projects are now complete and the recordings of the Sharing Practice presentation are below. Further information and full project evaluations can be found on the Case Studies page.


Further sharing practices will be scheduled when projects are ready to present.


Recordings of previous events

Embracing ‘the digital’ for teaching and learning

December 2016: First Sharing Practice Event. Session recordings:


Improving student communication, resources and administration digitally

February 2017: Second Sharing Practice Event: Session recordings and slides


Digital Enhancements to traditional methods

Friday 3 March. Third sharing practice event: Session recordings and slides


Adapting to the Digital Era

March 2017: Fourth Sharing Practice Event: Session recordings and slides

Recognising intercultural differences and making the most of digital skills in Higher Education

January 2018: Fifth Sharing Practice Event: Session recordings and slides


January 2018: Sixth Sharing Practice Event: Session recordings and slides

Enhancing student’s learning by improving engagement

March 2018:


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