Current Digital Projects


Building on an existing initiative teaching students at local schools about computer building and design.

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Developing the Use of Panopto

Improving the use of Panopto in large classes with reference to international students.

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Digital Literacy for Academic Purposes Training Suite

Equiping students with the digital skills neccessary for effective online research.

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Digital Technology for Health Research

Developing networked video resource for preparing students for Health Research.

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Using technology to improve teaching by providing better tracking of student involvement and performance in workshop exercises.

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Establishing digital aids to language learning in DELC

Making language learning easier and more interactive with the use of digital technology.

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Facilitating interaction in lectures & seminars

Using digital tools to enhance student engagement.

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Fostering active participation & engagement in large lecture theatres

What do students expect from a lecture and how to make lectures more engaging

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Guide for student presentations videos in distance learning programmes

Developing online resource for recording presentations for distance learning students

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Intercultural Competencies – developing online training for students

Developing online resource for students to learn skills in intercultural situations.

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Learning experiences of everyday lecturers

Feeling the fear, but doing it anyway. Digital learning developments for postgraduates.

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Multi-Media Moodle Site for Group Learning

Preparing students to get the best out of group learning & developing valuable teamwork skills.

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Supporting Chemical Concepts with Mathematica

Developing online resource to develop students mathematical skills using Mathematica.

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Completed Projects

A number of projects are now complete. View the Case Studies and original project entries.

Case studies

A number of projects are completed. Take a look at the project outcomes.

Original Project Descriptions

Overview of the original project aims and project updates.