Developing the Use of Panopto

Danyaal Sabir – Undergraduate Student, Department of Accounting & Finance

Thanks to modern technology many lecturers are now making use of lecture capture software to record their lectures and give students the opportunity to revisit and review their sessions,  This is something that can be particularly valuable for students whose first language is not English or for who the lecture setting is a challenge, but it’s something that can be equally valuable for all students wishing to go over difficult topics.  At Lancaster this is done through the use of Panopto software, but are we using it as effectively as possible?

How effectively we are using this software is something that the Department is keen to investigate. Having already made use of Panopto in previous years, staff member, Cathy Salzedo is working with Danyaal to look into how it is being used this year by both students and their lecturers.  Are the staff & students using all the tools and tricks that the software has to offer?  Of particular interest to Danyaal, Cathy & the Department is how the software can be used to improve understanding and accessibility for international students.

By engaging with students and lecturers Danyaal intends to build a picture of how Panopto is being used.  This will allow him to highlight where improvements could be made and what extra guidance or training is needed.

The challenging aspect of the project will be ensuring there is buy in from students and lecturers.  To ensure success he needs to get interaction from all users and get an understanding of the barriers that are stopping people from adopting the software across the University.


Project Update – May 2018:

Unforeseen circumstances led to it not being possible to fully complete this project as intended.  But although there may not be as full a range of insights into the use of Panopto as was intended, the project does have a number of positive outcomes.

Cathy was keen to find out how her students’ used learning resources and whether her lecture recordings via Panopto were regarded as useful – should she focus her efforts on these lecture recordings or should she focus her efforts on creating tailor-made recordings that address key or tricky concepts?  The intention of the project included a consultation with students comparing their use of each.  Although this consultation did not take place, Cathy in anticipation prepared a series of recordings that she now uses with her classes – particularly for revision purposes.  Furthermore, discussions and deliberations throughout the project period have helped Cathy to shape and hone her ideas for the project she would like to do next.

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