Online Assessment

Marta Muntoni – Undergraduate student, Department of European Languages & Cultures

For students of languages getting to grips with the grammar and the unique quirks of a language is one of the biggest challenges of language learning.  It is no surprise that the students are tested on this understanding on a regular basis throughout their course.  But having completed these assessments the students are sometimes left waiting a couple of weeks for feedback on their performance.  So how can digital technology speed this up?

The solution that has been proposed is to move to online grammar testing, something that both the Department of European Languages & Cultures and Marta believe would vastly improve student learning and performance.  If students were able to complete online assessments, and have access to training tests online, they would be able to get near immediate feedback and be able to track their performance and understanding.

By reviewing the existing tools available to students she hopes to provide an effective product, but she does not just want to stop at grammar.  Longer term she hopes the development may lead to online assessments in other areas of language courses and help Lancaster students get even more out of their courses.

Developing this solution will provide a brand new challenge to Marta who admits that her own experience with the resources that could be used is limited.  But it is challenge she is keen to tackle, aiming to build a better understanding of the technology and gain some valuable extra skills in the process.

This project is now complete, view the Online Assessment Case Study Report

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