Exploring the use of Note Sharing Using Digital Technology

Note Taking

Matthew Johnston – Masters Student, Department of Psychology

As technology advances so does the way in which we interact with it on a daily basis, especially in the way in which we teach and digest information.  While many lecturers will have been taught on blackboards or whiteboards the way they deliver lectures shows their adaptations to new ways of learning.  But are the lecturers getting the most out of these new technologies?

This is something that the University is keen to address and for Matthew this presents a fascinating area of study, his own personal love of technology and interest in the psychology of its use means that he is keen to delve deeper into this area.

Matthew, working in collaboration with Liam Cross, is looking to develop a snapshot of the technology used in lectures within Environmental Sciences, seeing how effectively and widespread it is used.  The core areas of concentration will be the existing technologies available: Moodle, Panopto and mind mapping.

He is hoping to produce the statistics to help the University identify the most popular tools and provide a basis for the tools to be better supported by University resources.  The biggest challenge he faces will likely be securing the engagement from both students and staff.  Without staff using the new technologies and student feedback on their experiences he will not be able to gather the information he requires.

The challenge of overcoming these obstacles will be a difficult one but Matthew is confident that he can take it on.

This project is now complete, see the Project Evaluation for Exploring the use of Note Sharing Using Digital Technology

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