Network learning for placement students

Network Learning for Placement Students

Roxana Ghiassi and Unzila Ali, Management School

For many students going on placement for a year can be an exciting, yet daunting, prospect. This could be the first time they get to experience a real working environment in the field of their study and many students have similar questions about how it all works. Wouldn’t it be useful if there was a place where students could go to find the answers, ease their worrying and help them learn about the placement experience?

Roxana Ghiassi and Unzila Ali are working together, with support from a group of academics in the Management school to create some engaging digital resources for pre-placement students. The resources will help answer student’s questions as well as share some experiences from those who have finished their placements.

The first step for Roxana and Unzila is to survey the second year students to find out what they want to know about the placements they will go on in their third year. From this they can create some useful resources. These could be anything such as what will I be earning, what is the expected work/study balance, how many people apply, what guidance do you have for me.

Once they know what the students want, Roxana and Unzila will interview experienced students and create some online videos to answer the questions. To do this, they will use a mixture of software and styles to create some engaging videos. They have already started to learn how to create PowToon videos in preparation for the survey results.

Ultimately, these videos will be uploaded to the Moodle space specifically for work based learning MGMT 222 and OWT 250, with the hope of extending these to other modules in the longer term.

Roxana and Unzila have a limited time frame to achieve all this and they hope to leave some time towards the end of the project to pilot it in order to gain some outside opinion. They’ve got plenty of challenges ahead, one being that Summer isn’t always the easiest time to get hold of students and interview them, but with Roxana’s experience in Project Management and Unzila’s experience with placements and her connections, they are sure they can get some interesting results.

Roxana and Unzila are looking forward to the challenge and are hoping to develop their own skills during the project. They want to prove they can manage a time critical project themselves as well as build on their existing digital skill set. They will create a blog each on their experiences and progress when they hit the milestones in the project.  Watch this space for further updates.

This project is now complete: view the project case study.

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