Developing LING 200

Carolina Perez – PhD Student, Department of Linguistics & English Language

Producing a final year dissertation brings many new challenges for students, and various courses are available to help prepare them for these. In the Department of Linguistics and English Language, students take the module Researching Language (LING200) in their second year, to learn about research methods and the wide range of topics that they may choose to investigate independently in the dissertation.

The course has historically been delivered using a traditional face-to-face lecture and workshop format. Now, following consultation with students, including focus group discussion, the Department is exploring alternative, more flexible approaches. Carolina, who was involved in the focus group along with academic representatives, will be helping to develop more online resources that students can access and return to at the points in their studies when they are most useful and relevant.


Carolina and Professor Alison Sealey are aiming to develop a webpage that can act as the go-to place for information, advice and development of the skills students need for their dissertation. By developing engaging and interactive content, Carolina aims to improve the course effectiveness and encourage more students to prepare earlier for their dissertation.

Carolina knows that getting student participation in the development process will be key to its success. In order to develop this interaction she is hoping to use the page as a space for students to discuss their challenges and create an online community around the course. For herself she also has the challenge of getting to know the software that will be used to develop the tools. Whilst Carolina has not undertaken anything like this before she is more than prepared to invest energy in learning the skills she needs.

This project is now complete. Read the full case study: Developing LING200 to an online resource

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