Intercultural Competencies – developing online training for students

International Competencies

Holly Laing – 2nd year, BA French and Spanish

The colleges, working with DELC are looking to develop online training for students based around intercultural competencies. This development would support Lancaster students (British and International) in acquiring effective and appropriate behaviour and communication skills in intercultural situations through digital aids. The purpose is to help reduce the additional stress caused by the cultural shift that occurs when a student comes to study in a different country; eliminating the fear of not knowing what to expect.

Holly Laing is working with academics, Olga Gomez Cash and Claire Povah, on this project. Holly plans on developing a program in the student portal, that explains and informs the reader in an informative manner, which cultural changes to expect. Her secondary aim for this project is to help British students understand the differences in culture between the UK and other countries so that they can interact properly with international students thus improving the interaction throughout the campus.

The online training would form part of the Colleges internationalisation project which would see the delivery of a short summer school aimed at developing global competencies and awareness within the student body.

The project fits into Lancaster’s Digital Fluency initiative, particularly around communication, collaboration and participation. Using digital technologies it will support students in developing intercultural competencies which will
enable stronger engagement both socially and professionally. The project has synergies with the recently launched ‘we are Lancaster’ campaign and the training could be opened up to the wider Lancaster community.

This project is now complete. Read the Case Study: Intercultural Competencies


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