Feel the fear but doing it anyway; Learning experiences of everyday lecturers

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Aiste Venckeviciute –  First year Business student, LUMS

Over the last 2 years a group of Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) staff have been involved in an initiative to introduce and learn more about using and integrating digital learning pedagogical ideas, activities and resources into online learning designs and PG modules. The so called PG LUMSNET DL group now plan to develop a short video(s) to help to disseminate the learning and experience of becoming networked learning teachers using Moodle.

The project’s focus is on how to utilise and bring digital resources and practices into learning designs and pedagogy. LUMSNET has been a capacity building activity with a focus on pedagogy rather than technology. The group’s experience and ways of using Moodle for this has varied a lot and video will help the project to:

  • Show others the different designs and ways Moodle can be adopted
  • Provide a resource for sharing our experience in our home departments and other contexts
  • Give us an ongoing resource for sharing the experience, learning about the difficulties, challenges as well as the achievements and triumphs through the whole experience

Aiste Venckeviciute will work as the student digital ambassador with the PG LUMSNET DL group to develop these short videos which will be made available to all staff via Moodle to share experiences of lecturers who are using technology within their PG programmes. Resources will also be developed to help others to learn about the experiences of developing the videos themselves. Aiste’s role will include:

  1. Interview each staff member involved about their learning and experience, then
  2.  Come up with some initial ideas for the video story board
  3. Agree the general script and approach to the video with the PG LUMSNET staff
  4.  Design and organise the style and format of the video
  5. Create a video that is entertaining, self-explanatory and standalone that can continued to be used after the sharing event on April 26th

This project is now completed: Case Study: Feel the fear but doing it anyway; Learning experiences of everyday lecturers


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