Case Studies, Outcomes and Evaluations

A number of projects have reached milestones or have completed.
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Attendance Check-In (Attendance Monitoring)

Moving Attendance Check-In forward into the digital world. Analysis of the first pilot project.

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Developing Online Resource for Family Business Education

Helping family business leaders learn better and faster, using innovative digital teaching methods.

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Developing LING200 to an online resource

Customize: Project Case Studies, Outcomes and Evaluations – Student Digital Projects

Developing online resource to better prepare students for their final year dissertations.

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Digital History

How the digital revolution is extending into history and changing the way we interpret historical data.

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DSGE Model Interface

Making DSGE modeling more understandable for learners

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Enhancing Moodle accessibility

Improving the service provided by the Moodle system & enhance the quality of content.

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Enhancing the LUMS Student Digital Experience - Online Marking

Scoping project to present recommendations for online marking.

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Exploring the use of Note Sharing Using Digital Technology

Exploring the types of technology available to improve note taking and sharing amongst students.

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How do students access Moodle?

Surveying students to discover what technology is being used to access Moodle to better inform site design.

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Improving Distance Access to the University Research Community

Exploring ways of improving access to the research community at Lancaster through technology.

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Network learning for placement students

Creating digital resources for pre-placement students.

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Online grammar assessment for European Languages

Digitalising grammar assessments for European Lanuages.

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Supporting Study Abroad

Using digital technology to improve the study abroad experience for Maths students.

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