Establishing digital aids to language learning in DELC

Language Learning

Larissa Webster – 2nd year, BSc Spanish Studies with Italian

Liam Canning – 2nd year, BSc Management and Spanish Studies

The aim of this project is to make language learning easier and more interactive for students in the Department of European Languages and Culture.  We hope to make seminars and speaking exams more effective for students’ learning.  This project will be split into two parts.

The first will focus on revolutionising the way in which oral presentations are conducted by utilizing software which can digitally record student assessments.  This software produces high quality video presentations of the student and their slides which can then be digitally annotated/marked by the teacher, replacing the traditional paper feedback system.

The second part will focus on making the Moodle more interactive for DELC students by creating grammar quizzes to be completed before and after each grammar seminar to allow them to receive immediate feedback and identify areas of weakness which can be focused on during the seminar, as well as measure their overall improvement afterwards.

Two students, Larissa Webster and Liam Canning will work together with academic Olga Gomez-Cash on this project to create these digital aids to language learning.

Project Update: Establishing requirements for digital aids to language learning (in DELC)


Project Update: June 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this project did not complete.


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