Enhancing the LUMS Student Digital Experience – Online Marking Scoping Project

Luis Perez Gomez – MSc Management

Edward Meadowcroft – BBA Management

There are various methods of marking and feedback across the University. In Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) a number of academics are piloting some online approaches, some use one or more online systems and others use a more traditional approach.   As technology improves and the University increases the amount of distance learners, wouldn’t it be great if there was one system that provided the students with online grades and feedback, giving a consistent student experience? Wouldn’t it be great if these systems made life easier for everyone involved?

This is exactly what the ‘Enhancing the LUMS Student Digital Experience’ project intends to scope out. Luis Perez Gomez  and Edward Meadowcroft are working with Claire Edwards and Fran Riley in LUMS to identify current practices within the school, to explore the main challenges and issues that staff and students face, and find out what could be done to increase adoption of the online technologies.

This project is split between Luis and Edward, with Luis working on the project during Summer and Edward working on the project from Michaelmas term.

Luis and Edward intend to survey and interview a range of staff, students and academics then analyse the results to provide a report and presentation on current practice and recommendations. They will also develop case studies on the success of the online systems piloted within LUMS for staff from other parts of the University to learn from.

The students hope they can contribute to improving the student experience in LUMS (and potentially the whole University) as well as improve effectiveness and efficiencies for academics and staff in relation to how feedback and grades are delivered.


This project is now complete. Read the case study for this project: Case Study: Improving the LUMS Student Experience – Online Marking

Project Updates

Project Update: Improving Online Marking & Feedback: Project Update (July 2016)

Project Update: Understanding how academics interact with online marking tools (August 2016)

Project Outcome 1: Online Marking Scoping Project (Postgraduate review, November 2016)


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