Mason  – Undergraduate Student, Department of Economics

It is probably every student’s worst nightmare, getting into a tutorial or workshop to go through exercise questions only for the tutor to spend most of the time on a question that everyone got right and understood.  The questions you really wanted to discuss are crammed into the last ten minutes and you leave as confused as when you arrived.

So how can we solve this?  For Mason the answer to this question is through the innovative use of technology.  The Department considered that by integrating workshop questions with an application or tool that could forearm the tutors and lecturers with which areas people are struggling on it would make tutorial time far more effective.

Mason hopes that this tool will allow students and academics to build closer links and produce a better learning environment for all.  By allowing tutors to track problem areas and allowing students to track their own performance it should allow both to use their time more effectively in limited teaching time.

The challenges to this project are well known, adoption of new technology and methods is always slow. Will the tutors trust it? Will the students trust it? Will either of them use it?  Mason knows that these will be as much of a challenge as the development of the tool itself and is steeling himself for the battle ahead.


Project Update: May 2018

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this project did not complete.


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