Zak Varty


Project: Supporting Study Abroad

Zak is currently in the fourth year of his masters (undergraduate) degree in the Department of Maths & Statistics.  Originally from Hexham in Northumberland Zak has been most impressed with the campus atmosphere at Lancaster helping him to get the most out of his time at Lancaster.

And what does he not like about Lancaster?  After this winter we’ll all probably agree with him – the weather!

Zak’s best moment with technology has been learning to code and typeset in the R and LaTeX software suites and he hopes to use this project to help him learn video editing skills.  But he is counting his blessings when it comes to the high speed internet here, during his year abroad he was tearing his hair out at the snail paced connections in his hostels that made doing anything an absolute nightmare!

Interesting Fact: Zak spent his year abroad in London, Ontario – the birthplace of one Ryan Gosling.

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