Roxana Ghiassi

Roxana Ghiassi

Project: Network Learning for Placement Students

Roxana Ghiassi completed her BA Management and Organisations degree at Lancaster before working for a year in Qatar in various corporations. Roxana then returned to Lancaster to do a Masters in Project Management, which she is now completing. She will definitely be applying her Project management skills to the Network Learning for placement students project she is working on with Unzila Ali.

Roxana is no stranger to technology or software. She utilises the software available at Lancaster, such as Mind mapping for notes taking and she was responsible for the Intranet Site at Siemens WLL in Qatar where she created and edited lots of pages for the organization to use using SharePoint and CMS.

Roxana has a few claims to fame; she is multilingual, has a Black belt in Shotokan Karate and used to be a model in Qatar, where she lived for a year. She finds Lancaster and the surrounding area a beautiful place. She especially loves market days in the city and wishes they had a H&M clothes store!

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