Marta Muntoni


Project: Online Assessments

Marta is a second year undergraduate joint honours student studying Spanish & Human Geography.

Originally from Calgiari in Sardinia, via London, Marta is already bilingual and is now well on her way towards learning a third.  Despite her skill with languages she admits that technology is not (yet!) her strong point and is happy each day her computer still works!  In fact she seems to have a magic touch with technology, anything she touches seems to stop working to the extent that tech support should be on speed dial!

For Marta the best thing about Lancaster (other than her course, of course) is the cost of living compared to home, living on a student budget is a little easier without London prices.  The only downside for a self-confessed sun seeker is the weather – unfortunately for Marta Lancaster has never been known for its balmy temperatures.

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