Liyao Dong

Project: DSGE Model Interface

Liyao is currently studying an MSc in Money, Banking & Finance within the Management School.  Originally from Panjin in China, Liyao completed her undergraduate studies at the Dongbei University of Finance & Economics in Dalian, China.

Moving to Lancaster was a major eye-opener for Liyao, having been used to city living previously the countryside setting for the University has been a big positive during her time in Lancaster.  The only downside she has found has been the long transfer times for getting the train to go elsewhere in the UK.

Despite being very comfortable with modern technology she does have one horror story with technology that we can all relate to – losing her work to a catastrophic hard drive failure during her undergraduate studies!  She is undeterred by this experience and has learned to cope with the trials and tribulations of modern technology.  Most notably she is proud of how swiftly she has picked up the use of Stata during her studies at Lancaster.

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