Laura Stiefenhöfer

Laura Stiefenhöfer

Project: Facilitating interaction – Using digital tools to enhance student engagement in lectures and seminars

My research interests are closely related to my personal and professional biography. I am curious about how people learn a foreign language and what the most effective ways of teaching foreign languages are. In the context of the latter I am especially interested in the affordances of different technologies used in teaching contexts. Therefore, I am excited to explore different ways of integrating clicker technology in our department’s teaching practice.I am currently in the first year of my PhD in Applied Linguistics. Before coming to Lancaster, I have worked as a high school and sixth form teacher of Spanish and English in Germany.

In my PhD, I make use of a variety of software and hardware for data collection and analysis. Although I can get extremely annoyed when technology does not do what I want it to (as probably everybody does), I find tackling and overcoming technological “hiccups” extremely satisfying.

When I’m not sitting in front of a computer screen, you will most likely find me on my bike cycling to or from town, running along the Lancaster Canal or on the university’s rugby pitch.


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