Lancaster University Film Production Society

Lancaster University Film Production Society

Project: Multi-Media Moodle Site for Group Learning

Lancaster University Film Production (LUFP) is a student-run society dedicated to the production of short films, and providing a platform for students to learn and develop new film-making skills. Our projects incorporate a diverse set of skills, ranging from acting and cinematography to marketing and management.

The society was founded in 2014 and in that time they have produced 12 short films, with a further 7 scheduled to be released in June 2017. Alongside their work on these films they have undertaken a number of other projects including the filming of live events, and the production of short promotional videos. They also run regular socials, and training workshops.

For LUFP this project represents an opportunity to develop old skills, and learn new ones. They are very excited to start work.

Working on this project are Jamie Mills, Amelia Slater, Bernie Beange, Alistair White, Matthias Djan, and Javier Orella.


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