Gulahmed Maqsood

Project: Developing online resource for family business education

GulAhmed Maqsood is originally from Karachi (Pakistan). This is his 5th year here at Lancaster University (UK). Previously, he studied BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance at undergraduate level and now after diversifying from the accounting sector he is pursuing his Masters in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Practice (EIP).

His life has been full of adventures since he came to UK in 2011. One of the most “out of ordinary” adventures that he did was in his first year when he skydived from 14,000ft and that was the time he realized that anything is possible. He firmly believes that where there is a will, there’s a way!

GulAhmed recognizes the importance of technology in modern study and has engaged with it extensively throughout his studies. Recently, he developed his first website along with his team using an online tool for one his innovation courses that he is taking while completing MSc EIP. Moving forward he would like to develop his knowledge in the world of coding, something he believes will be a key business skill in the coming days.

His biggest problem with technology is one that many of us will share, that is the frustrating nature of slow computers (Windows) so that implies he is a fan Apple Mac! Although he is completely comfortable with the operating both the systems for him there is only one winner!

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