Carolina Perez


CPerezProject: Developing LING 200

Carolina is presently in the third year of her PhD within the Department of Linguistics & English Language.

Originally hailing from Santiago in Chile she has settled into the Lancaster culture over the course of her current and previous studies.   Embracing the multicultural nature of the University she has enjoyed the company of her colleagues and learning new things about their cultures.

The only thing about Lancaster she doesn’t enjoy is quite a cliché, but definitely justified, the Lancastrian weather has not been to her liking!  Hopefully the weather will help keep down the numbers of her greatest nemesis – spiders!

For Carolina the biggest challenge she faces is admitting when it is that a new technology can make her life easier, particularly when she needs to invest time into making it work in the first place.  This is why she is most proud of how well she has got to know the Atlas.ti software that has made her life so much easier.

Getting to know technology faster, and with more grace, is the one skill Carolina wants to develop so the obstacles ahead are much easier to overcome!

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