Carla Briffett Aktas

Project: How do Lancaster Students Access Moodle?

Carla is currently in the third year of her PhD in the Department of Educational Research which she is studying from Zurich in Switzerland.

Carla, originally from the small town of Glovertown in Newfoundland, has enjoyed her time studying at Lancaster thanks to the excellent academic support offered by the staff.  She has enjoyed it so much so in fact that she could not think of a single negative about the University!

Happy to learn by trial and error Carla is happy to try her hand at all sorts of technology, and is particularly proud of learning how to use the Qualtrics software.  Her willingness to give technology a go and learn from her errors means that as far as she is concerned all her experiences with technology have been ultimately positive.

Whilst studying at Lancaster Carla hopes to develop the skills to allow her to write for publications in future.  But to do so she’ll need to stay well stocked with her fuel of choice, as she says “Nothing is possible without coffee!”

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