Amy Amira

Amy Amira

Project: Attendance Monitoring

Nurul Amira (also known as Amy) is a Postgraduate at Lancaster, about to start studying for her MSc in Operational Research and Management Science.

She has always been actively interested in technology, mainly in the way it influences medical advances. The amount of opportunities that have been made possible through technology amazes Amy. Her biggest success would definitely be learning about technology and how it’s applied. Although she finds it a challenge to keep up to date with the latest trends and advances, she finds it worthwhile and very exciting, to say the least and actively works on learning through web-based self-learning.

Striving to gain awards or success is a motivator for Amy. Whenever she does something, she will always give it her all. She wouldn’t call herself a perfectionist but when she gets engrossed in a project it becomes part of the air she breathes and she finds it very exhilarating.

Amy is a Brunei born-Malaysian and completed her BSc degree in Biomedical Science at Lancaster. Alongside studying, Amy has always worked part time and has found that working whilst studying is definitely a challenge, but it has definitely enabled her to gain skill sets that she would have otherwise missed out on.

During her undergraduate years Amy had such a great time that she decided to further her knowledge and stay at Lancaster to embark on a Masters. She’s interested in programming and wants to be more involved in event management and organizing committees to organize various events that could possibly help other students and staff during her time at University. However, in terms of career, she wishes to be involved in supply chain, logistics or risk management.

During her time at Lancaster, Amy has met so many friends from different walks of life that will last a life time. However, one thing at Lancaster that amuses Amy is the bus timings – they never come on time. She has to leave home at least an hour early to ensure the 15-minute bus ride gets her to University on time.

In the future, Amy hopes to work in a big company in the UK or wherever opportunities presents itself to promote a more minimalist lifestyle which she believes is the key to happiness. Amy also believes that innovation is key to success and hence appreciating creativity and honing curiosity is extremely important in ensuring the development and sustainability of our community and the world. 

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