Aiste Venckevicute

Aiste Venckeviciute

Project: Digital learning experiences of everyday lectures

First year Business student interested in today’s innovations and technologies. A bright, very determined and highly motivated person, with a strong background in photography and IT. A good organizer in project management, enjoying problem solving tasks and coming up with solutions in a timely manner. A creative thinker able to turn ideas into projects, and projects into success. Focused in achieving business objectives and overcoming expected results. As an open-minder individual I am eager to push myself out of my comfort zone and develop both individually and professionally. By always staying positive and striving only for the best, I aim to explore new opportunities and learn from every experience as much as possible.

I like to see myself as an active student and there is a reason why. At this moment I am a member of Economics and Bright Future Societies. I believe that societies create opportunities to expand my network by meeting companies face-to-face and workshops help me to improve my communication skills. From time to time I volunteer at UNICEF, I help to raise money for charities from a variety events we organise on campus. Also, I used to play volleyball in Lithuania’s national team and now I am playing it at Lancaster University.


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