Jed Winstanley


Project: Social Media to Develop Employability

Jed Winstanley is currently a 2nd year undergraduate in Biological Sciences at Lancaster University.

He really values technology and the role it plays in today’s digital world; it’s taken him 20 years to master Excel for data analysis, and in this time he has, on occasion, fallen out with his wireless printer at home. However, this is not going to stop him, Jed is determined to use his digital skills to create a successful blog site for his project.

One of the main positives of studying at Lancaster for Jed is the opportunity to connect and form relationships with people from a huge variety of backgrounds. He is also really looking forward to developing his presentation skills.

Jed is a huge health and fitness enthusiast and once played a gig at the ‘Cavern Club’ in Liverpool on the bass guitar, in the band ‘Arcane Bronze’.

All the way from Wigan, Jed is used to the ever changing weather at Lancaster, although he’s still rather concerned about blowing away like Mary Poppins when he opens up his umbrella.

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