Attendance Monitoring

Attendance Monitoring Project

Amy Amira – MSc in Operational Research and Management Science

Passing a paper register around the lecture theatre has been a regular sight over the years to record attendance. The University needs to monitor a student’s attendance for their degree and it’s also a requirement by law with regards to international students and Visas.

Many students find this paper based method frustrating as it’s a time consuming activity which distracts them from the lecture. It’s also easy to miss the register as it’s not often passed around the room in a uniform manner and if a student forgets to sign it later on, they’re marked as absent on their attendance record. Wouldn’t it be nice if attendance monitoring just happened when you walked in the room?

Amy Amira is working with Academics and ISS to evaluate an attendance monitoring pilot that monitors a student’s attendance based on their mobile device. LUMS recently piloted an attendance monitoring project with the use of iBeacons which would record if a student attended when they had Bluetooth turned on and the iLancaster app running on their device. For more information see this video about how it works.

Amy is involved in the evaluation of this pilot – running focus groups with students and academics involved to find out their experiences and thoughts about the project as well as contacting people individually from the pilot for feedback. Although it’s early days, she’s already encountered some challenges – such as getting people to attend the focus groups and share their thoughts.

Once the information is gathered, Amy will spend some time analysing it and create a report with recommendations for improving the project. This project will give her the opportunity to develop her data analysis skill set as well as her written and verbal skills.

Amy is really interested in the final outcomes of this project and likes the idea of being involved in something that could eventually be used across the whole University. If she has any time left in this Bursary project, Amy hopes to be involved in creating some video guidance if the project expands further next term.

This project is now complete. Read the Student Registration and Attendance Monitoring case study.

Project Update: Attendance Monitoring – Collating Results (October 2016)

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