How do Lancaster Students Access Moodle?

Carla Briffet Aktas – PhD Student, Department of Educational Research

The Moodle software is a tool that most Lancaster students will be well aware of and familiar with.  Everyone, from students to staff, on and off campus, will have at least had a fleeting interaction with Moodle in some form.  But how do all these people actually use it? How do they access it? What tools do they use there?

These are just some of the questions that the Department are looking to find the answers for.  The project struck a chord with Carla, as a distance learner Moodle acts as the link between herself and campus.  The opportunity to add some skills and use systems that she had not previously used provided an additional attraction.

Carla, working in collaboration with Dr Rebecca Marsden, Dr Ann-Marie Houghton and Dr Sue Cranmer, is hoping to produce a guidance document for use by staff showing how the current Moodle users interact with the site.  She hopes that this information will help them improve the services it provides and make the system more flexible and accessible for all.

The biggest challenge she faces will be gathering the information she needs.  Surveying students is a major problem, without a big enough response any data she gathers may not be good enough to make recommendations on.  Carla is now busy planning how to attack this and what she can use to entice users both on and off campus to get involved.

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