June 7, 2018

Case Study: Guide for student presentation videos in distance learning programmes

Online Guidance for presentation videos

The Politics, Philosophy and Religion Department (PPR Department) offer several distance learning modules as part of an on-line MA course.  Distance learning students come from diverse backgrounds and differing time-zones which necessitate a flexible learning environment.  In the absence of any physical interactions and with time-zone limitations on real-time collaboration, the distance learning modules are structured to create a sense on on-line community through postings. peer to peer reviews and supervisor interaction.  One other important element of the PPR distance learning programme is the posting of individual student PowerPoint presentations to Moodle.  PowerPoint presentations with audio, transcend text and create the opportunity for a more personal interaction.

Student Digital Ambassador, Phil Pedley has worked on the project from the start, here is his video case study (audio required).

Documentation produced from the project includes: