January 30, 2018

Case Study: Multi-Media Moodle Site for Group Learning


Lancaster University Film Production (LUFP) is a student-run society dedicated to the production of short films and providing a platform for students to learn and develop new film-making skills. Our projects incorporate a diverse set of skills, ranging from acting and cinematography to marketing and management.

For our project, we created a sitcom web series about group work. The series shows how students can deal with the many problems that they may come across in group work, as well as show why group work is so crucial in a fun and entertaining way. We also created a behind the scenes video documenting how the project came about and how we accomplished the task.

Please feel free to also have a watch of the 7-episode series (this link will load the first video in a separate tab window, you will see the first episode, with a button in the top left that will let you view the rest of the video episodes in the playlist).

We had quite a big team working on this project with contributions from Jamie Mills, Bernadeta Beange, Matthias Djan, Alistair White, Amelia Slater, Javier Orella.

We all really enjoyed this project and couldn’t be happier with the outcome.