January 29, 2018

Case Study: Intercultural Competencies

This Intercultural Competencies training was developed as part of the University’s first Nine Colleges Global Citizenship Programme by student ambassador Holly Laing and academics Olga Gomez-Cash and Claire Povah.

The Global Citizenship programme was held in June 2017 with Lancaster students from 14 nationalities taking part. The two-day programme was designed to support students to develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as global citizens. It featured contributions from academics and professional colleagues from across the University and saw students developing intercultural competencies and getting to grips with some of the world’s global challenges.

As part of the programme, the Intercultural Competencies online course was developed to support students (and staff) in understanding people’s intercultural skills, behaviours, perspectives and global citizenship. The ultimate aim was to help with the culture shift that people can experience in different countries, helping reduce stress and anxiety. This initial draft of the online course was trialled with the students in June and positive feedback was gained.

This project has developed further since the end of the student involvement, with additional content added about digital in different cultures. The updated online Intercultural Competencies course was involved in Global Experiences Week in November and is now part of the University’s Digital Skills Certificate.

In the video case study above Holly provides an overview of the project, her involvement and experiences.