February 28, 2017

Case Study: Improving LUMS Student Experience – Online Marking

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People and organisations are becoming ever more reliant on technology and the use of technology in the educational environment has increased dramatically. Where once teachers used chalk and blackboards it is now laptops and projectors. Currently in Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) most assessment feedback is done on paper, with students having to come into the Undergraduate office to collect handwritten feedback on their essays. A scheme piloted last year demonstrated an online marking and feedback system instead, where three undergraduate modules took part in the pilot.

This project “Enhancing the LUMS Student Digital Experience – Online Marking Scoping Project” intends to evaluate this pilot scheme and undertake a scoping exercise across the school to gain a better understanding of usage of the online marking / feedback systems. It aims to identify pros / cons of the system, barriers to use and any training or process needs. It will provide an understanding of the main challenges and issues that academics, and students face with regards to adoption of online services and tools for marking and feedback processes. Using online surveys and interviews with current students and academics this report will provide recommendations for further action development and support.

This project was split between two student ambassadors, the first part of the project focused on Postgraduates (read the project outcome report for postgraduate courses) and the second part of the project focused on the Undergraduate courses and the comparison of the findings from both reports.

Read the full report including results, analysis, comparisions and questions used: Final Report – Enhancing the LUMS Student Digital Experience with an Online Marking Scoping Project