November 7, 2016

Project Outcome: Online Marking Scoping Project

Online Marking - scoping project


As access to technology increases and the use of online learning tools have been progressively incorporated into the education environment, Lancaster University has made the exploitation of digital technologies a main goal for the upcoming years. One of these goals involves understanding how academics, staff and students engage with online marking and feedback systems available across Lancaster University. Currently, there are different methods of marking and delivering feedback.

Particularly within the Lancaster University Management School (LUMS), academics and staff employ a wide variety of methods for marking individual and coursework from students. The project “Enhancing the LUMS Student Digital Experience” intends to scope and identify the current marking and feedback practices within the Management School. Moreover, it will provide an understanding of the main challenges and issues that academics, staff and students face with regards to the adoption of online services and tools for marking and feedback processes.

The online marking scoping project is split between two students; Luis Perez Gomez, who worked on the project over Summer and Edward Meadowcroft will start working on the project from Michaelmas term.

Luis has completed his part of the project, focusing on postgraduate courses, his final report is available: Enhancing the LUMS student digital experience: Online Marking Scoping Project.

Edward’s involvement with the project will be similar to what Luis has already done. He will be using interviews and surveys with staff, support staff and students who were involved in the online marking pilot last year to evaluate the pilot schemes. Edward will also undertake a scoping exercise in order to gain a better understanding of the usage of current online marking and feedback systems as well as identifying the advantages and disadvantages of these systems. Edward will be focusing on the pilot schemes undertaken on undergraduate courses and producing a report and a presentation on findings related to these.

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