November 7, 2016

Case Study: Network Learning for Placement Students

Image of devices accessing learning

This student bursary project has been conducted in the context of a Management School initiative, UG LUMSNET DL, to develop the greater adoption of digital learning and resources in the School’s UG provision. We recruited two Moodle student ambassadors, Unzila Ali and Roxana Ghiassi, to research and develop a digital platform to support and inform placement students, and in so doing bridge the gap between the university and students during the placement period. A big driver of these activities has been a growing awareness of the need for more substantial interaction with both tutors and peers during placement so that students can access relevant resources and advice, and gain maximum impact from their work experience.

The project objectives were two-fold: First, Unzila and Roxana were encouraged to conduct research among pre- and post-placement students regarding their placement experiences (including issues such as applications, recruitment processes, challenges at work, return to study post-placement). Second, they were asked to use the research to develop a creative digital resource that can be accessed via Moodle by placement students, especially by those undertaking MNGT 222 and OWT 250.

More specifically, the student bursary project consisted of three parts:

  • During part one of the project – Unzila and Roxana developed a questionnaire in conjunction with the steering group to use with first and second-year students. They distributed the questionnaire with the assistance of the student placement office. The questionnaire achieved 78 responses and provided an opportunity to explore key issues and concerns around the placement process.
  • Part two of the project focused on conducting video-interviews with five post-placement fourth year students. The interviews enabled the student ambassadors to further contextualise the student placement experience and collect information about the types of materials to include in the digital resource.
  • During part three of the project, Unzila and Roxana edited the material into an engaging multimodal digital format for use on the Moodle called the ‘Guidance Platform for Placement Students’.

The platform can be accessed via this link:

The full report is now available: Networked Learning for Placement Students: Creating digital resources for pre-placement students.

Example PowToon videos created: