Monthly Archives: November 2016

Case Study: Online grammar assessment for European Languages

Challenges of Online Assessments

  by Marta Muntoni, Department of European  Languages and Culture. Academic: Birgit Smith. As the world becomes increasingly digitalised, the physical and the digital worlds are becoming ever more intertwined.  I was part of a project that aimed to see if the digitisation of the department of European languages (DELC) was possible, with a particular […]

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Case Study: Network Learning for Placement Students

Image of devices accessing learning

This student bursary project has been conducted in the context of a Management School initiative, UG LUMSNET DL, to develop the greater adoption of digital learning and resources in the School’s UG provision. We recruited two Moodle student ambassadors, Unzila Ali and Roxana Ghiassi, to research and develop a digital platform to support and inform placement […]

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Project Outcome: Online Marking Scoping Project

Online Marking - scoping project

  As access to technology increases and the use of online learning tools have been progressively incorporated into the education environment, Lancaster University has made the exploitation of digital technologies a main goal for the upcoming years. One of these goals involves understanding how academics, staff and students engage with online marking and feedback systems […]

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