October 27, 2016

Project Update: Attendance Monitoring – Collating results

University Lecture Image

I’m currently in the final stages of the first attendance monitoring pilot. The first section of the attendance monitoring pilot covered the initial development by collating information based on the experience of students in the pilot program which resulted in significant data being collected in terms of the efficiency of the application.

Now we are approaching the final stages of the first attendance monitoring pilot, we are collating information from lecturers and intend to gather further information about the emotional perception of students towards the attendance monitoring in terms of the usage of their mobile devices.

Up to now, the main struggle that I face is in obtaining response from students and lecturers. The poor response rate makes the process of data collation difficult as the population size is not well represented in the data collected from surveys even when incentives in the form of Amazon vouchers are provided.

What I have learnt through my engagement with the pilot project coordinators is that sometimes little data can be utilised to form the bigger picture and it is making use of the little data that we have to make the best decision. I am enjoying this project but it gets very frustrating when students and lecturers do not take the initiative to respond to emails and surveys. But I suppose, it is a learning curve which I’m very much interested in developing.

I have also been able to utilise Excel and SPSS in the collation of my data and Microsoft applications that when used in the right way, actually allows presentation data in a creative yet meaningful way.

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