August 22, 2016

Understanding how academics interact with online marking tools

Survey image

Project Update by Luis Perez Gomez.

During the last couple of weeks, I have been conducting interviews with academics and administrative staff across different departments in the Management School. The purpose of these interviews was to get a better understanding of how academics interact with online marking tools and what are their thoughts on implementing this across the different departments in Lancaster University. Additionally, interviews with administrative staff have provided a better insight into how marking processes operate and the ways in which online marking can enhance a better communication and coordination between academics and administrative staff.

Some interesting findings:

  • There is a general interest in knowing more about online marking, academics and administrative staff recommend offering more information and support to increase the adoption of online marking.
  • Some academics actively favor the use of online marking for its efficiency and mobility. Nevertheless, concerns remain around the fact that academic might have to spend more time in front of the screen (even more!) which can have health consequences.
  • Academics from different departments have different opinions on the use of online marking. This is also due to the fact that across the Management School there are very different practices and information regarding marking.

Surprisingly, this research has created a good expectation among academics and administrative staff who have been involved in this research. The data collection phase is now over. The project will continue with the analysis and reporting stage for the next two weeks.

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