August 18, 2016

Accessing Moodle – Project Experiences and the Next Steps

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Carla has been working with Rebecca Marsden, Ann-Marie Houghton and Sue Cranmer from the Educational Research Department to find out ‘How students access Moodle’. They have been busy building a survey, which they successfully launched on June 1st and closed on June 24th 2016. The launch took place later than anticipated due to a combination of circumstances including the time taken for the compilation, editing and piloting stages in order to produce a good quality survey and the need to ensure that the survey met high ethical standards.  Although they had hoped for a higher response rate they did receive a great deal of useful data.  Carla has done a considerable amount of data analysis, for example, by preparing descriptive statistics and grouping the free-text comments into themes.  The team hope to complete further statistical analysis.

The deliverables to date have been a summary written for the Student Digital Projects blog and there have already been conversations with ISS staff members to share some of the free-text comments to help promote effective change within the University.

Carla was involved in a Sharing Practice Event that gave initial findings at an OED organised event on June 7th.  This was attended by about 50+ academic staff including several colleagues from LU Ghana.  The presentation was given within a session delivered by Alison Sharman (ISS) and Rebecca about simple steps that can be made to help make Moodle sites as accessible as possible to students with varying needs and using a range of web-enabled devices.

Next steps

Carla’s work will be used within a number of other activities. Rebecca and Alison intend to repeat the Sharing Practice event session during the next academic year.

The research team will be drawing on the survey responses to provide evidence of students’ views and experiences about using Moodle. In Autumn 2016, Rebecca will be making a presentation at one of Lancaster University’s regular e-learning meetings summarising the findings of the survey.  A version of this presentation will be uploaded to Lancaster University’s Digital Teaching and Learning hub.  A version of the presentation will be added to the Student Digital Projects blog.

In the longer term, they intend to publish a journal article to disseminate the findings outside the University.


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