August 9, 2016

DSGE Model Interface: Project Update August 2016

Economy image

In this project I am working on creating a visual tool to help display interactions of a complex DSGE economic model in order to aid understanding of the effect of economic policy. To start with I needed to learn the theory of the DSGE model and then research the software I can use to create this visual tool.

I have now finished with all the theory part of the DSGE model, and have understood the model quite well. I understand the interactions among different economic variables and can use DYNARE to simulate the model.

To get started, I contacted the support staff in ISS, who are very nice. I told them about what I need to show, and they recommended me to use Xerte and Powtoon.

My next steps in the project include trying to use Powtoon to make animations to show the basic background and interactions of the model. Hopefully, I  can then create an intuitive way to show what exactly the DSGE model is.

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