August 4, 2016

Network Learning for Placement Students: August 2016

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In our LUMSNET project we are creating a Moodle page full of engaging and informative videos and resources for pre-placement students. The idea is to provide a one-stop platform that supports students embarking on their placement journey, providing a range of information these students would find useful and engaging. The resources will be aimed at MGMT 222 and OWT 250 students in particular for this pilot project, but in the future these recourses will hopefully be used to support other modules across the Management school.

The two students working on this project: Roxana Ghiassi, MSc Project Management, and Unzila Ali, 1st year BSc Business Studies, are responsible for managing and completing the creation of this Moodle resource page and videos, together with the support of an academic team.

This month’s progress so far

This month we made quite good progress in terms of carrying out the research and collecting information that would inform the content of the videos. We held interviews with five very helpful students who had completed their placements. These students gave us some great insight into their experiences and valuable advice that they would give to others about the whole placement process, from application to final assignments.

We also created an online survey using Qualtrics, to send to second year students, in order to gain an understanding of what particular aspects about placements they are interested in and want more information on before they begin the placement application process. We then analysed the data from this research and identified six prevalent themes that we can focus the videos and other resources on, bringing us one step closer to completing the final product.

Updating the Academic team

For our monthly progress update meeting with the academic team we created some example videos using our newly acquired PowToon accounts. The aim was to show the academics what was possible with PowToon videos and also show them what sort of material and video style they can expect for the final resources to go onto the Moodle page, as well as giving them a chance to comment on and express any requirements they have for the videos.

We also created a rough layout and structure on the Moodle page so that the six themes can easily be seen as sections on the page, ready for the videos and other resources to be added. For this project we are working closely with the LUMS Careers team, and they are providing us with lots of support and important information about Placements which we will use on our Moodle page, so there is lots of useful collaboration taking place.

Next steps

In terms of our next steps, we are now at the creative stage of the project as we will now begin to compile all information and create the videos using PowToon. Our deadline to have everything finished by is 24th September, so our plan is to create all the resources and work on developing the Moodle page by the beginning of September. This means there will be enough time for the page to be reviewed by the academic team and any changes to be made before the final deadline and ready for the students to start using the page.

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